About me

Capturing the Intricacies of Nature through Macro Photography and Floral Art

Welcome to my world of visual enchantment.

I’m Darlète de Siqueira, a dedicated photographer with an unwavering passion for macro photography. As an artist, I find myself drawn to the delicate allure of flowers and insects, each shot capturing the very essence of their beauty.

In the summer months, I embark on journeys to their natural habitats, seeking to immortalize their fleeting moments. During the winter, my focus shifts to crafting exquisite bouquets within the confines of my studio, exploring the interplay of light, colour, and form.

My work goes beyond mere photography; it’s about creating impressions that linger. Through skillful image editing, I enhance the natural elements, giving them a touch of creativity that transcends reality. The final result is nothing short of magical, an evocative fusion of art and nature.

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and (https://flowerandart.werkaandemuur.nl/nl), where I share my latest creations, thoughts, and inspirations.

“Let’s embark on this journey of wonder together.”